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Anyone who met Christopher Stevens said he was a very nice man who had a lot of time for you. He was also proud of the role he had taken in ousting Colonel Gaddafi and in helping the Transitional National Council into Tripoli.

So, it is a cruel irony that he has been killed in a country he helped to free, in the place where the rebellion began and of course on the eleventh anniversary of those infamous attacks on America.

The cause for the rocket attacks on the US consulate in Benghazi is a film that clearly insults the Prophet Muhammad and the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt have today called for worldwide condemnation of the movie made by Israeli film maker Sam Bacile.

Post-Gaddafi Libya has of course been a disaster with the ruling government in Tripoli largely ignored as armed gangs control large parts of the capital, and outside.

Libya is in danger of breaking into three – all of which calls into question Nato’s decision to intervene as Gaddafi’s Libyan forces were amassed outside Benghazi.

Yesterday’s brutal actions that resulted in the deaths of Stevens and three other consular members have been condemned by Hilary Clinton. This was, of course, the same Hilary Clinton who jumped for joy on hearing of Colonel Gaddafi’s death.