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HELMAND – Two American soldiers were killed during a Taliban attack on the British base of Camp Bastion in Southern Afghanistan  last night.

The assault involved between 18 and 20 fighters who used small arms, rockets and mortars to attack the perimeter of the British base.

Prince Harry was at Camp Bastion in Afghanistan during the attack and a Taliban spokesman said he was the target.

The Taliban spokesman had at first said that the attack was a response to a US-made film mocking Islam.

They released a video of the attack, a snatch of which is pictured above.


The Prince, who is third in line to the British throne, is celebrating his 28th birthday and is in Afghanistan for four months on his second tour of duty.

He was not in any danger during this unprecedented assault on one of the world’s busiest airports.

Several other Nato troops were wounded, whilst one Taliban fighter was caught alive and the rest killed.

Camp Bastion which is situated in the middle of the desert is extremely heavily fortified.

An MoD spokesman said this was a significant attack adding: “there has been some damage to equipment which is still being assessed.”

“After swift action by ISAF forces, including UK personnel, the incident was contained.”

Three hundred and thirty coalition soldiers have lost their lives in Afghanistan this year, of which 252 are from the US.



11 September

1. US embassy in Cairo attacked, flag torn down and replaced with black Islamist banner

2. Mob attacks US consulate in Benghazi, US ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans killed

13 September

3. Protesters break into the US embassy compound in Sanaa, Yemen, amid clashes with security forces

14 September

4. Sudanese protesters attack US, German and UK embassies in Khartoum and clash with police. Three killed

5. One person killed in Lebanon in protest at a KFC by Text-Enhance” href=”#”>restaurant

6. Protesters in Tunis attack the US embassy, with a large fire reported and shots heard. Two killed

7. Riot police in Cairo clash with protesters near US embassy. One person killed