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So finally the Chancellor of the Excequer is going to admit what we all have known from the moment he announced his plan to cut the deficit within the lifetime of this parliament, namely that his ill thought out scheme is unrealistic and could yet cause long term damage to the economic health of this country.

If as the Business Secretary claims we are in the midst of an economic equivalent of a war, then perhaps David Cameron and the rest of his well -heeled Notting Hill Set should take a close look at the health of the troops that are the citizens of the country.

Throwing large numbers of people onthe scrapheep will not achieve a recovery – I know economists will not tell you that, they are too busy with the figures to look at the social cost of their theories, however any recovery must be based on a workforce being given a chance to be productive.

There’s no other way – money printing is a short term solution, which only result in a rise in the price of Gold, as savers scramble to protect themselves.

Infrastructure projects will create work, there are again so did public sector jobs in the north of England.