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ANALYSIS – It is said that the Secretary of State was delighted at the news of Colonel Gaddafi’s death, indeed a tape of her chanting in joy was put out.

For some reason, it always comes as a surprise when a woman reacts to death in this way. It shouldn’t – one only has to think of ‘Condy’ Rice, Tipvi Livni and our own Margaret Thatcher to know that the gentler sex can be as blood thirsty as their male counterparts.

I wonder if she would have chewed his liver, like Hind did after the defeat of the Prophet’s army at the Battle of Uhud. Then, the vengeful lady, ordered her slave to cut out her enemy’s chest and chewed the liver of the man famed for being the Prophet’s protector, Hamza.

I wonder also if Shakespeare was aware of Hind when he created Lady Macbeth.