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ANALYSIS – Dark times lie ahead for anyone that supports a political movement or a resistance organisation with a Muslim name. If a report in today’s Sunday Telegraph is to be believed then the sharp analysts at Whitehall are going to turn their focus away from Russia and Ukraine and squarely to the threat to world peace that is the Muslim Brotherhood. Along with that comes the repackaged measures against this country’s Muslim community all of which are designed to call into question their loyalty to ‘our values and our way of life’.  No doubt part of this will include special documentaries on the BBC and investigations elsewhere in the media throwing the spotlight even further on a community that are already being portrayed as a fifth column. This will not do – Britain needs to own up to what is really going on, namely a crusade to smash political Islam in the Middle East and North Africa by taking on the largest NON VIOLENT Muslim organisation in the world by supporting the vicious and murderous army crackdown in Egypt. Part of this includes a curbing of all dissent at home. Not content with the failed project to break Hezbollah through the creation of the death cult that is ISIS, the West has decided crush any fair means for a Muslim organisation to express the will of its people to live with in the framework of Islamic law. And in doing this they are not only supporting the anti democratic thugs that now rule Egypt but also Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Jordan and elsewhere as long as they are ‘our friends’.

ABOVE John Prescott explains  the Western ‘Crusade’ to smash Political Islam in the Middle East and North Africa