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In his heyday, the Paris Saint Germain player, David Beckham was known for his trademark free kicks, the ability to loft the ball to an eager forward and of course a steely nerve when it came to the penalty spot.

The first two were in evidence last night as the 38-year-old played against the greatest club team on earth.

It was great to see Beckham play in Europe, and he was not in any out of his depth, which begs the question could he be part of the England set-up again.

The last time there was such a debate was of course over the decision to terminate the career of Kevin Keegan who went on to show that he was still a force with the then second division side of Newcastle United.

England lost something then when they so abruptly got rid of a player that still could have exerted an influence at an international level.

And on the evidence of last night, it appears that history is repeating itself in the form of David Beckham.

Champions League Quarter Final, Ist Leg, PSG 2 Barcelona 2