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The nuclear-armed rogue state of North Korea is up to its old tricks again – sabre-rattling against the South and as a consequence annoying the United States of America.

The young leader at Pyongyang appears to have been emboldened by a successful rocket launch and nuclear test, which began on December 12, with the launch of a rocket and the claim to have put a satellite into orbit. That was followed one-month later with an underground nuclear test.

Washington responded in March by flying B-52s over the South and then later stealth bombers.

On March 30, the North said it was at a state of war with the South and yesterday restarted the Yongbyon reactor.

Observers said things can’t be that bad as South Korean workers were still able to work at Kaesong. Today that is no longer the case.

 North Korea needs to be taken seriously – it is capable of inflicting severe damage on the South and Japan. Of course, it can not take on the US, but then is Washington prepared for a confrontation with China?