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A year ago today, the leader of Libya was executed in cold blood and the last moments of his life were broadcast via a mobile video upload to the world.

Before this, he had been caught by his executioners, stripped naked and paraded through his home town of Sirte.

Of course, he would never have been caught had Nato not taken out a convoy that was leaving the besieged town.

He pleaded for mercy – as did no doubt the young man who found him hiding in a drain pipe,  when the dictator’s supporters returned the compliment.

The leader of Libya says that men acting on their orders are located in Bani Waiid and need to be dealt with, thus the siege which is now into its sixteenth day

Yet, that is exactly what the thugs of Misrata were doing on that dark day a year ago.

And as they are poised to attack the former Gaddafi stranglehold in revenge for the murder of Omran Shaban, the world will no doubt be ready for more gruesome images from the liberated Libya.

All the while there are calls from the same Nato countries who backed those thugs for a liberation of Syria.

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