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What a difference a day makes, or in this case a month or so.

As David Cameron and some one called Nick Clegg – where are you my friend? – celebrate two years since they appeared under the sun in the Downing St garden all smiles before the press,  the Conservatives are lurching from crisis to crisis.

Admitting that they got wrong when they scrapped the jets ordered by the last government for this country’s two aircraft carriers.

They did of course make a big issue of this at the time.

Gordon Brown’s government had mismanaged the economy and wasted public money and the spending £5bn on jets that this nation did not need proved their point.

Well, Britain hit double-dip recession territory within the time frame predicted by Brown  – that despite the radical cuts to the public sector announced by Chancellor George Osborne. This news opened the whole country’s eyes to the coalition’s claims to having a credible economic plan and they still want to have a go at welfare, education and health.

Don’t underestimate the magnitude of the defeat at the local elections – David Cameron did not win the general election outright and has just seen his party wiped out everywhere except in London, where the Mayor bucked the trend though he lost heavily in the London assembly.

So, as Jeremy Hunt faces calls to stand down against a backdrop of a Leveson inquiry that is appearing to be more damaging to Cameron and those former Murdoch employees around him, who include his Education Secretary Michael Gove, the question is what next on the rocky road to May 2015?