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China and India are said to be the rising stars of the economic world and if last night’s Piers Morgan’s programme on Shanghai is anything to go by, this will all mean some people are going to get incredibly rich.

Trouble is that in this arena of winners and losers, there are an even larger number who will not and who will suffer in this brave new world.

BBC News carried a report through out the day about illegal workers from India who had come to Britian to get work and perhaps a better life.

Well, the recession has paid put that idea and since those illegals burned their passports when they arrived here, they are trapped because the Indian government says that since they do not have the correct paperwork they can’t return home either.

The pictures of despair and sheer desperation that were broadcast were perhaps the most disturbing to be shown on terrestrial television yet.

One young man who said he was 21 had just been released from prison and was back on the streets – clearly for him the free world had nothing to offer. How did he get into trouble in the first place  – shop lifting to get him the drugs that get him through the day.

Then, the reporter took us to the place where many of these illegals, non existents, spend the night in the cold exposed to the weather, with little more than drugs and an appalling sound born of misery to get them by.

It just so happened that these poor people are from India, there are others also Russia Today broadcast report last December about Polish people getting by eating rats.

No doubt there are others from every corner of the Third World, including of course China.