■Nicolas Sarkozy to redraft Armenian Holocaust Denial Bill after French Constitutional Court says it can NOT pass as law, as it attacks freedom of speech and is a debate that belongs to historians

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Nicolas Sarkozy has sponsored a proposed bill to make the denial of the Armenian genocide a crime in France, which would be met with up to a year in prison and a fine of 45,000 euros.

Predictably, the move has brought a fierce response from Turkey.

France has warned her against any reprisals that would damage Paris’s commercial interests, arguing that law was part of the French state’s commitment to the World Trade Organisation.

The Europeans have always taken the high ground when it comes to human rights, whilst being strangely myopic when it comes to admitting to their own crimes against humanity.

Here are a couple of episodes that I discovered during research for my novel, Pictures and Words.

Armenia was part of the Ottoman Empire which had allied itself with Germany and Austria in the First World War against the allies, Britain, France and Russia.

The decision to go to war was made by…

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