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ANALYSIS – For the last decade of his life, Christopher Hitchens wrote and spoke as an ignorant bigot, the type of man that would have found a place for himself as an advisor for George Bush, the president who he praised and so admired.

At a time, when a writer of his repute should have been asking the questions that no one dared to confront immediately after the attacks of september 11, 2001, he simply became the cheerleader for further great power aggression.

To say that America was an innocent, a lamb to the slaughter before those outrages was as ridiculous and as stupid a thing to say as anyone who said that she was the devil incarnate.

Of course, Hitchens never said either, he just called the enemy ‘Islamo-fascists’.

Like previous great powers, America had done some awful things, which it could have been argued had come back to haunt her in the most horrendous way on that dark day.

Trouble is the Vanity Fair writer didn’t say this, he didn’t use that famed polemic of his to make the nation that had earned so much sympathy immediately after those outrages mend her ways.

Of course, it could be argued that George Orwell would probably have reacted in the same way as Hitchens had, that is unfortunately the result of a world where the human family is so divided that its members can only look at each other as ‘us and them’.

Aggression is always met with aggression, that was what visited on Black Tuesday.

And as American troops leave Iraq today, two days after Christopher Hitchen’s death, one gets the feeling that a very dark chapter has been closed.

For the sake of eveyone, let’s hope so.