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What are we to make of David Cameron’s decision to use the veto in a proposed EU treaty change – a return to the days of spendid isolation, or just the latest reckless action of an inexperienced prime minister?

Polls suggest the British public are behind him, and he clearly has the Eurosceptics delighted – and some in Europe may have even seen the ghost of Margaret Thatcher in the room, there again I keep seeing a poster of Meryl Streep posing as her on the tube to Bayswater so they are not alone there.

When Cameron entered Downing Street, he made the country aware that the first phone call he took was from the US president – Europe, and India were to follow in that order.

India was not impressed with him during his visit to New Delhi, despite his verbal attack on Pakistan, she reminded him thatBritain was no longer her master and should adjust herself to this reality.

So, Cameron – along with another very vain figure namely that of Nicolas Sarkozy – launched a war against Libya, a sustained bombing campaign that led to the brutal execution of that country’s leader.

We still don’t know the long term consequences of that conflict, as we don’t know of how Britain’s verbal attacks on China will play out, any more than Cameron’s decision to stick his foot into those negotiations over a change in the European Union.

Either way, we all need to be consulted before he goes off and does something else.