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America and her Nato allies have fifteen days of supplies left to sustain her war effort, Pakistan’s former spy chief claimed in an interview broadcast on RussiaToday.

Hamid Gul, who was previously the head of the ISI, said Nato had “shot iself in the foot” after an airstrike that killed 24 Pakistani soldiers.

As a “professional soldier” he knew that the control of the supplyline was key and now was the time for Pakistan to “stand firm”, and offer to help in an orderly withdrawal of the American troops from Afghanistan.

America was “lieing” when it said that it could create an alternative supply line, and if countries such as Tajikistan were to help they would have to deal with the “spill over” of an irregular war.

With the closure of the Shamsi air base for drone strikes, any “secret understanding” between the two countries was no longer there and would mean a huge decrease in the scale of those strikes.

With Pakistan holding the cards, he argued that she would lay down four conditions.

* India does not become the new “proxy power”, something he said that would be a disaster for all the regional powers, “especially China”

*Pakistan should accepted into the nuclear club, in the same way as India.

*To settle the Kashmir issue, according to the wishes of her people

*A scaling down of the highly militarisied American embassy in Kabul.

After that, Pakistan should only open the supply line to ensure a orderly withdrawal.

However, he claimed whilst mosr Americans wanted a withdrawal,  there were too many interests – political, corporate and narcotic – that did not want this to happen.