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Was the latest incident involving Pakistan and her troubled alliance with the United States of America the result of a Nato emboldened by her success in Libya?

There are many – not just Pakistan’s public – who believe so.

The attack on a border post was, according to Pakistan, unprovoked and she reserves the right to hit back at a time of her choosing.

Nato’s response has not been very convincing for someone who has effectively declared war on her hitherto ally.

She, like America believes the root of her troubles in Afghanistan lie in Islamabad and more precisely with the Pakistan secret service, the ISI.

The Western allies are wrong – the Taliban are fueled by resentment at foreign occupation of their country, how else can they call on people to fight and die for them?

So far, Pakistan’s weak civilian government has cut supply lines to nato – hardly a problem now since most of what they need comes through Uzbekistan -and given the US fifteen days to leave a base used to launch drone strikes.

Unfortunately, this will not be enough – Pakistan’s military know that there is a perception that they have been seen to be weak, and that a clear demonstration may be needed to warn off Nato, and to more importantly appease her very angry public.

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