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ANALYSIS – Jews are ruling the world, they’ve hijacked the seats of power and have been following their agenda for a century or two, perhaps more… who knows?

The coward who brought murder and mayhem to the streets of Norway certainly thinks so.

And the tragedy is some Muslims – who are appalled and frustrated at the way the Palestinians have suffered at the hands of the Zionist state of Israel – also share this belief.

Yes, God’s chosen people have certainly been successful in all fields – not just financial, but in well  everything, they have always shone above everyone else.

The trouble is that for more than thousand years, Western Europe has never appreciated those talents, it was the Islamic World where they prospered and rightly became stars.

Sometimes, we were lucky enough for them to become Muslims, and when they did their contributions became that much more significant because Islam adds to a brilliant mind – it never removes from that talent.

From the Crusades to the Concentration Camps, Western Europe has officially murdered their Jewish cousins, before that well it was common place to butcher those who had killed the son of God.

Muslims have never murdered Jews to this day, which is something that those who feel it necessary to lecture us about the Holocaust need to be reminded of, as do of course all those who subscribe to that theory about a Great Jewish Conspiracy.