Brothers in Arms?

Are we seeing the first real cracks in the coalition?

No less a man than the chief secretary to the Treasury has signalled that there will be no cut in the 50p rate in income tax.

Anyone considering this move – that is his Conservative collegues who include the London Mayor – was living in “cloud cuckoo land.”

Such a cut – which was used by the Reagan influenced Thatcher government – is meant to unleash the spending potential of those living here, as well as making this country a more attractive place for investors and anyone with a lot of money.

The arguments are there in its favour, the results are of course also there for all to see, the sharp divide between rich and poor, a poor that has no way of getting their voice heard in the land where all is plenty andย everyone isย free.

Our country was decimated by Thatcher, there probably were very arguments for what she did, and she is still applauded by the business community, however, a consequence of her policies was to create a generation who lived lives that were unrecognisable to their wealthier cousins.

That divide sharpened, despite the efforts of New Labour.

So will the Lib Dems finally live up to their principles and challenge a policy being applauded by their more powerful coalition partners.

Or will they just cave in after being reminded that they owe their position at the heart of government to those more powerful coalition partners.