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ISLAMABAD – Pakistan’s Muslim League – Nawaz have announced an interim PM after the country’s top court ruled Nawaz Sharif was not fit to govern because he hadn’t disclosed his earnings from a DUBAI based company in his nomation papers for the 2013 general election. 

The court judges also recommended anti corruption investigations into Sharif, his daughter Maryam, her husband and finance minister Ishaq Dar and others. 

The dealings of the DUBAI company are not part of the Panama Papers leaks. Last year’s revelations that Sharif’s children maintained off shore companies and owned expensive London properties were seized upon by Sharif’s opponents, including struggling politician IMRAN Khan who filed the complaint to Pakistan’s Supreme Court. The former cricketer conveniently forgot members of his own Tehreek-e-Insaf party are also named in the leaks.

Sharif who had won in a landside in 2013 and would have been the first PM to complete a full term in Pakistan’s history resigned after the ruling.  

Pakistan’s Muslim League – Nawaz are expected to win in next year’s general election. They have been widely credited with steering the country into a period of relative economic prosperity with growth currently standing at 5.7%. There’s also been a steep decline in terror attacks inside Pakistan.

The ruling came as a shock to many Pakistanis with observers blaming the army for once again interfering in the country’s political process.

Shahid Abbasi will take over his role with Sharif’s brother Shabaz, 65, who is currently governor of Punjab, expected to stand next August, although he will have to win the party’s backing.