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ANALYSIS – Hillary Clinton is no agent of change – that mantle belonged to her defeated Democrat rival Bernie Sanders – but the prospect of a maniacal President should scare everyone.

Donald Trump is not fit to be President – a strong statement given the previous Republican incumbents at the Oval Office.

However, it is now becoming increasingly clear that Trump’s statements on immigration, the economy, climate change and foreign policy were not attempts to court controversy – he really meant them.

Donald Trump has shamelessly gone out and appealed to white voters, he has flagrantly stoked white nationalism whilst ignoring the huge gulf between the have and have nots, who are white and black.

Cutting corporation tax will not rectify this problem.

Nor will telling the poorest whites that the root of their problems lies in political correctness.

Despite having a black man as their President for eight years America has never looked so divided internally.

And on an international level America is overstretched fighting wars on multiple theatres without having the will to see things through.

Trump’s solution is to stoke up white nationalism – which will appeal to some at the cost of everyone, at home and abroad.