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ANALYSIS – The US, UK and France still think they have the moral high ground in world affairs which is why they are actively pursuing a binding resolution against the hermit state that is North Korea. How those three feel they are in such an exalted position is a mystery given of course the number of wars they have been engaged in, not one of which has come to successful resolution. Washington, London and Paris will put their hands up and say they have made mistakes – but those have at the cost of other nations and their desperately poor citizens. It is difficult to get your head around a state of affairs where two tyrannies, namely China and Russia, have emerged as the good guys at a time that the democracies are itching and engaging in one conflict after another. Of course there will never be a war with North Korea, a desperately poor nation held together by a strong identity that is backed with nuclear weapons and a huge standing army because that would mean conflict with China. And those who cast dispersions on this strange little land may want to themselves in the shoes of the regime of Pyongyang who have remained at a state of war from the moment the Korean war ended with operations suspended at the 38th parallel. From there onwards, a fiercely independent and proud people have remained frozen in time, isolated from the its neighbour the south and the West especially the USA who it regards with a great deal of suspicion given the carnage the Americans had unleashed during that infamous regional conflict that could easily have turned in to World War Three. As for those Gulags which may or may not be run in this Stalinist country, no one has shown any conclusive evidence that they exist – where are the satellite pictures which can’t be that difficult to capture given today’s technology that includes drones. All of which brings us to the US, UK and France who say half a million people have perished in the Korean labour camps – well far more have died as a result of the multiple conflicts that they have engaged in Asia, the Arab World and Africa since 9/11. The only mystery is why there are no binding resolutions calling on their leaders to face war crimes charges at the International Criminal Court in Hague.