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Feb 2002 – Bush says Taliban and al Qaida prisoners were not prisoners of war as defined by Geneva Convention.

Mar 2002 – Abu Zubaydah captured in Pakistan by Pakistani authorities and CIA. He suffers bullet wounds. Wrongly assessed by CIA officers to be high enough in al Qaida. They overstate the importance of the information he might hold. Rendered from Pakistan, following a debate within the CIA, to a secret detention centre known as DETENTION SITE GREEN in an undisclosed country.

Mar 2002 – FBI question Zubaydah at Site Green his condition deteriorates and he is taken to hospital. He says that he is prepared to talk – reveals details that are already on CIA databases. CIA debate how they will interrogate him whilst he’s in hospital.

Apr 13, 2002 – CIA implement ‘new interrogation programme’ by sending a psychologist to Zubaydah whilst he’s still in hospital. Zubaydah nods when the psychologist tells him that he’s got ‘a most important secret to tell.’

April 15, 2002 – CIA disappointed that Zubaydah had not disclosed this secret sedate him and transfer him to Site Green. He wakes in astonishment at his new surroundings – the intention is to catch him at his most vulnerable. He finds himself in a white room with an air conditioner and four halogen lights pointed into the cell.