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ANALYSIS – There was an eerie feeling about today’s vote in Parliament endorsing airstrikes in Iraq, airstrikes that could go on for years to come. This was of course the right thing to do – MPs, Clergy and Peers were agreed on that in the same way they were agreed when Parliament backed pushing Saddam Hussein’s Iraq out of Kuwait.
That was of course the right thing to do. Saddam was evil incarnate a man responsible for the gassing of Kurds in Halabja, some one who brutalised his own people. Today’s Is is once again an evil that the world must eradicate. Trouble is it is not the world this is war being fought for but a superpower’s interests, the UK like everyone else simply rubberstamps any such actions. So, expect this war to result in an escalation into Syria with the goal of carving out a Kurdistan from northern Iraq and those regions of Syria not under direct control of Damascus.
If that doesn’t succeed, Parliament will be recalled to endorse another intervention to make right the previous mistake.