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A British MP has called on the government to expel Israel’s ambassador, as the Gaza conflict enters its seventh week.
Fiona Mactaggart, MP for Slough, also called for a ban on arms sales to Israel who she said was committing war crimes through assaulting the civilian population of Gaza by using weapons that came from UK, as well as the USA.
“For me, the international story is Gaza and my constituents are horrified by the scenes emerging from Israel’s assault on a civilian population. It is not right in international law to attack civilians, their schools and shelters.
“Many of my constituents have complained about the biased reporting as they see it of this conflict, they feel the BBC has only presented one side of this story – compare Israel’s slick well-resourced press machine with the Palestinians who have nothing, they are struggling to survive in a prison. How can they compete with that and tell their side of the story. Journalists are not able to get in to Gaza to report about the ongoing horror because Gaza is blocked to the outside world.
“Israel is funded by the US to do as it pleases against the Palestinians of Gaza, that includes arm shipments that come from the UK as well. This country has to stop weapons sales to Israel.
“I am setting up a Palestine solidarity charity that hopes to raise funds to help the Palestinians of Gaza. ”

Fiona Mactaggart can be reached on her email on Fiona. Mactaggart@gmail.com