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ANALYSIS – Israeli PM says his nation will increase the ferocity of its ground assault on Gaza which to date has killed 270 and injured over two thousand, he is doing this because he is protecting his people from rocket attacks and tunnels. Yet, he has achieved nothing  – Hamas’ ability to fire rockets continues unabated.
Israel has never cared about public opinion and frankly western public opinion cares only about the validity of Israeli lives not the countless Palestinians that have perished because of an illegal occupation of west bank, and east Jerusalem and a siege of Gaza.
Nothing has changed in this conflict except the tone and language from a united Palestinian leadership.
Until now, Hamas had spoken of a two state solution to this conflict – Israel’s actions mean that is now impossible as the Hamas spokesman said in an Al Jazeera interview yesterday. Fateh long regarded as the west’s partner has bitter experiences having seen Israel re conquer west Bank in 2002 and then initiate a land grab. Fateh knows that Tel Aviv is not sincere in its dealings, as it is backed by a superpower and the Palestinians are not. It too knows that Hamas’ popularity has surged in the west Bank as a result of Israel’s murderous actions. And with the Middle East changing as a result of a  superpower’s failed foreign policy that can only mean that these actions may well be the beginning of the end for the Israeli state – not a guarantee of it’s security.