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ANALYSIS – The skies of Gaza have lit up once again as the might that is the Israeli military fires from land, sea and air into the most crowded area on earth.
Israel is doing this, its PM and the BBC tell us, because it has a right to defend itself from rocket fire that can now reach as far as Tel Aviv.
So far, more than one hundred human beings have perished under the weight of the most devasting bombs that can be legally used by man – and some 675 have been injured, most no doubt physically marked for life not to say of the long term mental effects.
And yet it is a curiously surreal world that is painted on our television screens – the BBC takes us to a cafe where frightened Israelis are huddled in a corner as a warning siren is set off or the reporter stands outside a damaged buliding to deliver his piece to camera, all of which highlights the point that Israel is the one being attacked, not the Palestinians.
When Palestinians are pictured clearly in  terror following another lethal strike, the reporter overdubs the package with the opening line  ‘running for their lives’ almost as if to mock the plight of people who can’t fight back.
Anyone who is in doubt at the terror that that incident wrought on those poor people can watch that footage without any voice over –  just the pictures with the sounds as broadcast on the same day by RussiaToday. We are told by the BBC that Israel has a right to protect itself,  and yet we never hear that Israel’s occupation of the West Bank,  East Jerusalem and Gaza is illegal under international law – resolution 242 – and its continued slaying of the Palestinians of Gaza is collective punishment because those people dared to vote for Hamas in an election that the international community would not accept because it could not accept the outcome. Today, Hamas and Fatah have resolved their differences,  but that will not do for Israel who would prefer to dictate terms to a weak and divided Palestinian people rather one that is united and, because of Hamas, only willing to negotiate as an equal.


Last night’s BBC’s Hard talk programme in which the presenter asked a Hamas representative ‘who are you’ was extreme even for a programme that prides itself on its adversarial style. How about asking the Israeli leadership some hard questions about whether it cares about the Palestinians who it has been killing out of habit since its evolution in 1948. So, the killing continues, and it now appears that every two years Israel launches airstrikes to defend itself from primitive home made rocket attacks and each time we are told the same story by the BBC who despite being funded by licence fee breaks its codes on fairness, impartiality and balance when it comes to covering this conflict.
Now more than ever, the Palestinian struggle for their nationhood resembles the Algerian struggle against French colonial rule – that brutal conflict took one hundred and fifty years to resolve. The French despite smashing the Algerian resistance had to leave because politically it could no longer justify its presence in a foreign land for the world would not accept it.
The question is for how much longer can a rapidly changing world now accept the current state of affairs in the occupied territories?