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ANALYSIS – Two events today will have made observers of the Asia Pacific region nervous – first, the UN condemning the regime in North Korea for its appalling human rights record, comparing the regime of Kim Jong the younger to that of the Nazis, and secondly, US war games in the region which Fox News reports was a clear signal to China that Washington could act with speed to protect the interests of its allies that include India, Vietnam,  South Korea and Japan. So, could there be a war between these two Great Powers? Of course, it would be foolish to completely rule out a war between China and the USA, after all England never accepted the rise of Germany at the beginning of the last century,  despite the considerable trade between the two. Why should America not do the same today when confronted by this rising Asian giant that is feared by its neighbours and who has already started to stake its claim on tiny islands which Japan regards as its own, and who clearly protects the despicable regime of North Korea, as well as curtailing the rights of its own people as a recent request by Chinese activitists asking John Kerry to stop Beijing from blocking bloggers shows. For the moment, of course such talk is complete fantasy, and despite recent moves that include the visit of the Japanese PM Shinzo Abe to a war memorial that honours the souls of men regarded by China as war criminals,  as well as plans to build a second military base in Japan,  along with Okinawa, the chances of any war between the two are remote. So, let’s hope that remains the case and that the actions of the US military today are just an attempt to strengthen its and its allies bargaining position when negotiating with Beijing and not the first shot in a  war sometime this century.