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Putin: Sochi on his mind


You only have to look at this morning’s news headlines to see what it must be like to be a citizen of China and Russia, those countries that stopped a major war in Syria but who continue to suppress anyone who opposes their authoritarian rule.
The second bomb blast in Volgograd which is a stone’s throw from Sochi, where of course there will be the Winter games, comes after the controversial Vladimir Putin freed a number of high profile political prisoners that included Khordovsky and Pussy Riot.
And in China there was yet more trouble in that restive province that is Khashgar.
Both Russia and China want to project themselves as great powers. And the outside world is already getting a taste of what kind of force they are going to be like. The trouble is the very  democracies that should be reminding these ‘new kids on the block’ of their duties to their citizens are themselves behaving no better in other people’s lands.