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Roy hogdson

Contemplating failure?


The last two games that this country’s national soccer side were involved in, have been cited by most commentators, even the most the patriotic ones, as a wake-up call for England’s chances when they enter the lofty heights of tournament football.

Chile, and later Germany showed, that despite fielding a ‘second-team’ against England, that they were a yard ahead in terms of class.

In the case of Chile, one outstanding player, namely Alexis Sanchez, proved to be the difference.

But perhaps, more disappointingly, against Germany Roy Hodgson’s men lacked a clear structure and were caught short on the counter on a number of occasions – the scoreline of 1-0 could easily have been two or three.

England don’t play to a game plan, and when they do they stick to it rigidly. When playing in qualifying games to major competitions that is fine, but you will always come unstuck when facing the best in Europe or the World.

And at a time, when more money than ever is going to be poured into the Premiership – thanks BTSport’s One billion pound deal –  that only mean more failure and disappointment at an international level for England’s overpriced and overrated football ‘stars.’

roy-hodgson-press-2and this is what it looks like.. after Euro 2012