Template Analysis

Before the conflict that engulfed their country, Syrians would proudly tell you that there’s was a land where no one slept on the street.

Before the wars with America, Iraqis had the most literate society in the developing world.

And until recently, Libya was emerging as an independent power whose people could boast a lifestyle that was the envy of Africa and the Arab world.

None of this true is of course true today, as rebels continue to fight against the Syrian government – and against themselves also.

It is hard to believe that this is the twenty-first century – the digital age where the internet and globalisation have transformed the lives of many.

It is hard to believe that it their greatest proponents who are the very ones that are responsible for the carnage that has been visited upon Iraq, Libya and Syria.

it is hard to believe also that it is these very governments who condemned the Taliban when they blew up the Banyan Statues.

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