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Before this game, Barcelona asked their home fans to believe in them.

The faithful who filled the Nou Camp last night were not disappointed, as the world’s greatest team overcame a 2-0 deficit to make Champions League history and remind us all that there such a thing as magic.

From the fifth minute, when Lionel Messi struck a stunning volley the pressure on their Italian giants was unrelenting.

Imagine Spanish national team with Messi as their NO 10 and you have got an idea of how great this Barcelona side were last night.

Messi’s second goal came within a minute of the young Milan striker M’Baye Niang hitting the post.

Had that gone in, then perhaps it would have taken the sting out of the Barca tail. but AC Milan were still in it even in the second half when David Villa put the Spanish giants against three ahead.

It would have only taken a single away goal to rob Barca, and the world, of surely yet another Champion’s League triumph at Wembley.

Fortunately for everyone concerned Milan’s Brazilian striker – what ever happened to Brazilian football then – Robinho was simply overwhelmed by the sheer class of the opposition.

Barcelona answered all the questions asked of them in this game, they became the first team to overcome a deficit to progress into the next round, and in the process they reminded us all that there is such a thing as the beautiful game.