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158 Palestinians – 103 were civilians, including at least 30 children and 13 women. (according to the UN’s Office for the Co-ordination of Humanitarian Affairs.  The OCHA will now by Giant Savings” href=”#”>investigate the figures.)

6 Israelis  – two soldiers and four civilians.


 Israel to end all hostilities on Gaza Strip by sea, land and air, including incursions and the targeting of individuals

All Palestinian factions in Gaza to stop all hostilities against Israel, including rocket and border attacks

After 24 hours from start of ceasefire, talks to begin on opening crossings into Gaza and allowing free movement of people and goods

Egypt to receive assurances from both sides that they will abide by the deal, and will follow-up any reports its has been broken

And how this compares with Gaza War 2008/09

Palestinians, 1,417, of which 926 were civilians. 5,303 wounded. (Israel says, 1, 166 were killed, of which 295 were civilians, and 120 were captured)

Over 50,800 Gaza residents by Giant Savings” href=”#”>displaced.

Over 4,000 homes destroyed; around $2bn worth of damage to Gaza.

Israelis: 13  of which 3 were Civilians. 518  Wounded, of which  336 were soldiers and 182 civilians