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A year and a half ago, the forces of Colonel Gaddafi were amassed outside Benghazi to put down a rebellion. Carnage would have almost certainly followed. The world could not watch and let it happen and a UN resolution proposed by the UK, France and the US was backed by Russia and China. It put into place a no-fly zone, consequent round-the-clock bombing and the eventual murder of Gaddafi himself.

Despite this, Libya was hailed a success and the very nations that backed the Libyan rebellion are proposing a similar course of action in Syria, where the forces of Assad are brutally putting down a rebellion, which is employing terrorism, assassinations and mass murder.

Yet, today at the gates of Bani Walid, the very forces that Nato put into place in Libya are conducting the very actions that Gaddafi was being accused of, and Assad is clearly doing.

Instead of condemnation, there is silence.

In fact, the only voices of anger are aimed at Russia and China for not allowing an intervention – an intervention that was also lacking when US forces were amassed outside the gates of that troublesome Iraqi town of Falluja, and when British forces conducted a siege of Basra.

An intervention that if successful would almost certainly lead to a Bani Walid-style scenario in Syria.