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Syrian spill-over into Lebanon


As Chinese state media accuses America of using the admission by Syria that it does possess chemical weapons as an excuse for military intervention, violence has erupted in Lebanon.

Eight people have been killed, and at least 75 wounded, in Tripoli following fighting between two Muslim communities – the Sunnis and Alawites-  divided over Syria.

And Turkey is looking at a possible Syrian connection to a bomb attack inside its borders which it has been blamed on PKK terrorists.

And once again, Israel is threatening to attack Iran.

The response from Iran and Hezbollah to this has been predictable – Tehran has test fired an upgraded surface-to-surface ballistic missile, whilst the Middle East’s most powerful non-state army has threatened horrendous consequences for the Middle East’s superpower.

And Egypt’s build-up in the Sinai in response to attacks by ‘Islamic militants’ has alarmed Tel Aviv for whom this is a violation of treaty between her and Cairo.

So clearly, an attack on Syria by Barack Obama’s administration would have massive spill-over in the whole region, something that China and Russia have long appreciated.

Sadly though the question is – does America and her allies actually care about the consequences of a military intervention to topple the regime in Damascus?