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Apparently, that was the feeling amongst the crowd at the Donbass Arena last night, as Spain reached their third straight major final in a row.

Now, why would the Portuguese fans being saying and thinking like this – can’t imagine…

Spain’s emergence, which resembles all the excitement and artistry of the 1982 Brazilians has exposed a number of truths and hard realities.

Apart from Germany – and with Russia and Holland waiting in the wings – the other sides in this competition have been at best average.

Those of us who still wonder what would have been had those fouling bunch of players called Italy not beaten Socrates, Zico, Eder, Falcao…remember them… feel we have been thrown a new life line by this Spanish team that lives up to the hype.

And the team that will able to take them on in the final is of course Germany, who should be there, unless they are very unlucky.

So have Spain squeezed the life out of the game – of course not.

And what’s the best way to beat them – play better than them, Mr Ronaldo et al.