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If, as appears likely, Mitt Romney will defeat the current incumbent at the White House in November’s Presidential election, one country will look forward to the eviction of Barack Obama – namely that of Pakistan.

From the outset, even before he was elected, Obama spoke of bombing PAKIStan and true to his word, drone strikes, which will surely be remembered in the same way as GITMO was for George Bush, have marked this Presidency – the last one on Wednesday in the so-called tribal belt killing three people.

And then there was the Nato strike which killed 24 Pakistani soldiers, for which Isaf has still not apologised, and which even to the most impartial of observers looked like an act of war, a pre-emptive strike.

At Chicago, the President of Pakistan, who is hated within his own country for being an American ‘puppet’ demanded that the US pay £3, 200 for every Nato lorry that will pass through Pakistan, if she was to reopen a border crossing closed after that fatal incident involving 24 Pakistani soldiers.

And today comes the first confirmation – if not official – that the Americans got their man with the jailing of the doctor who helped the CIA find Osama bin Laden.

Shakil Afridi who had charged with treason and for running a fake vaccination programme was jailed for 30 years in Khyber district.

The raid which was celebrated in the US angered the Pakistanis, who claimed that it was a further violation of their nation’s sovereignty.

So if indeed, a Republican is heading for the CEO’s job at Washington, then the people of Pakistan will be the first to be out on the streets to celebrate.

Shakil Afridi. File photo
Shakil Afridi ‘helped CIA track bin Laden’