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Robert S Leiken has written a book whose release after recent events in France would appear to be almost prophetic.

In case, you don’t know a young Muslim of Algerian descent, Mohamed Merah had killed three north African soldiers and four Jewish people before being killed by security forces in Toulouse.

It has also emerged that he had filmed his atrocities and sent them to Al Jazeera.

Clearly, he was disturbed, as were the others featured in Leiken’s book, the 7/7 bomber Siddique Khan included.

They are not the only disturbed people though – Israel killed one thousand four hundred Palestinians, half of whom were children.

To this day, no one has been held accountable for those actions.

At the time, Europe made a big show of disgust, but things settled down once again.

France herself has used airpower in Libya and the Ivory Coast, the second action at the same time as America invaded Iraq.

This, despite her taking such a principled stand against American imperialism.

Europe may indeed have some angry Muslims, but it also far more double-speaking treacherous statesmen whose actions affect everyone.

Trouble is, unlike Merah, they are getting away with it.