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The word ‘massacre’ is so often used in today’s world of never-ceasing war, that you can forget what it means. That what that American soldier committed in Kandahar was a massacre is without a shadow of doubt – the figure is now 17 civilians, mostly children and women.

Even the American PR spin about him being mentally ill could not hide that reality. However, what isn’t mentioned perhaps because those deaths have come at a slower – drip –  speed, is the massacre of British troops in Afghanistan.

The latest incident which was confirmed by Defence Secretary Philip Hammond has taken the number to 407.

When British troops were first moved into Helmand Province, it was then claimed that there would be no need to fire any guns in anger.

What a difference a few years a make.

This campaign which is still not understood over here, is regarded by the enemy which many over here call the Taliban, as America’s war.

Everyone else is just there to make up the numbers – nothing more.