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Homs is currently under a flushing out operation, the kind conducted in Sirte, Falluja, Gaza and West Bank before them, and of course also conducted in Chechnya, Dagestan and even on the angelic island of Sri Lanka.

Syrian forces are ridding this troublesome province of what they say are foreign fighters – Russia Today reported that a number of French mercenaries had been captured yesterday and also claimed that the locations of the unrest may have been directly related to where they were situated on the map, namely next to Turkey, Iraq, Jordan and Israel.

Syria may be fighting to save her nation, that does not make the brutality anymore palatable.

Trouble is the outrage of the ‘international community’ – three of whom occupy permanent seats on the security council – is mired in hypocrisy and stained with the blood of many fallen citizens of the world.

If international law is to mean anything and is to be taken seriously by tiny nations like Syria and Somalia, then the big players need to behave according to the rules.

That means China and Russia, as well as the most dogmatic and ideological of the powers of Britain, France and the USA.

International Law was put in place to ensure peace for everyone.

Unfortunately, because of the behaviour of the powerful that has not happened. And those of us who belong to this world can only watch on in muted disbelief at the horror that is Homs.