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Marie Colvin the American journalist who was killed after a rebel base in Homs was hit has been lauded for her fearless pursuit of the truth.  A veteran war reporter who had lost an eye in Sri Lanka she was undeniably brave, however was she in the same league as those other great names who lost their lives in the recent past, namely Anna Politkovskaya and Terry Lloyd who also lost their lives taking huge risks to seek the truth?

Well, Marie had already decided who was right and who was wrong in this conflict, by putting herself in the rebel camp, she was effectively an embed, still brave but to a large extent compromising her impartiality.

Journalists who did the same in Libya should make a return and honestly ask themselves whether what they said at the time has helped Libya.

Great journalists don’t bandwagon, they go out to find out for themselves what the reason for the conflict really is – and because of the huge risks this entails that does lead to their deaths, like Terry Lloyd in Iraq or the angel of Chechnya, Anna Politkovskaya who was gunned down on a Moscow Street for her reporting of perhaps the most savage conflict of the last decade of the twentieth century.