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The year is 1884 and a conference is being held to discuss the future of Africa – Britain and France are there, though they are miffed that they have to accept the growing power of Germany by coming to Berlin.

Future superpowers USA and Russia are there too.

Whilst they are here to help Africa into the modern world, in reality they are here to carve up the continent, to steal its resources, land and to enslave its people.

Would it be rude to suggest that this is what is occurring at today’s conference in London to help out beleaguered Somalia.

Ban Ki Moon is here, alongside Hilary Clinton and of course David Cameron who seems to think that he can be of assistance to Somalia.

He could look at Libya first and then back here in Britain too where his austerity measures are decimating large parts of the country.

And he still thinks he can get involved in Syria as well.

And of course there is Afghanistan where he has committed large numbers of British soldiers and where Barack Obama has just written to Hamid Karzai to apologise for American soldiers burning copies of the Quran in Bagram Airbase – I don’t remember him writing such a letter when video images of his soldiers urinating on the bodies of fallen Taliban fighters were broadcast around the world.

So far, two Nato soldiers have lost their lives as a result of the fury that has been unleashed as a consequence of those actions in the notorious US-run airbase.

Somalia has never accepted or appreciated outside interference inside her country – and that interference means even more bombing by the US and its allies in a country where people are desperate for real help.