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Arsenal were outplayed, outclassed and were completely out of their depth last night. AC Milan actually struggled to get to this stage – there again who wouldn’t with Barcelona in your group – you would never have guessed it by the way they took apart Arsene Wenger’s men last night – 4-0 was being kind, this was men against boys, and the appearance of their legend Thierry Henry for one last hurrah only hinted that this was Arsenal that was on  the field at the San Siro and that this was one of the best teams in Europe.

Robinho netted two – the first of which came after a stunning volley from Kevin Prince Boeting, and everytime you looked at the coach’s corner, the usually authoritative Arsene Wenger looked more lost than the rest of us.

If rumours that Henry wants to continue prove to be true, then this Arsenal team will need him for Robin Van Persie is currently carrying this side and that can’t last forever.

Those who thought Arsenal had moved on from that 8-2 drubbing from Manchester United, may want to think again.