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When is a massacre not a massacre – surely when someone  of dubious credibility is claiming so with little else to back them up apart from being ‘activists’ armed with grainy youtube footage.

Over the weekend, Russia and China used their veto at the security council to block an Arab League league plan backed by GB, US and France.

William Hague, Britain’s Foreign Secretary, said they let down everyone and that Damascus was a ‘doomed regime.’

The US – herself no angel – has closed her embassy in Damascus, the UK – how much more blood does she need on her hands – has recalled her ambassador and no doubt France will follow soon.

Amazingly, somehow the faces of Saddam under the noose and Gaddafi executed in cold blood does not seem to have shamed them, it appears monseiurs Obama, Cameron and Sarkozy just seemed to have got a taste for more – how about delivering the heads of Asad’s children to the Syrian President on a plate?

Today, RussiaToday broadcast a report clearly throwing doubt on what is occurring in Syria – for instance, there are alongside the grainy youtube videos of massacres, also youtube videos of atrocities committed by opposition forces who are still very little in number, no matter what is being claimed on mainstream channels.

Yesterday, Skynews broadcast a report which began with the image of child bleeding and clearly in pain, following an attack from somewhere fired by someone.

Today, RussiaToday showed an image of someone being hanged because he may have been a supporter of Damascus.

So, the question is why has the other point of view been ignored when it is clearly as unsubstantiated and of dubious merit as the ones being run as fact on BBC, ITV and Sky.