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When I saw Diane Abbott on Newsnight, I knew she was annoyed.

Martin Basher spoke like a press officer for the Met when he declared words to the effect of credit where credit’s due.

It had taken 18 years for two of a possible six to get something like a sentence for what they did.

The police had not investigated this case properly because they did not value the life of another human being.

Yet Mr Basher, Bashir if you like, did not seem to show any understanding of this – in fact, he seemed to qualify his remarks with I came up close and personal with the attackers myself.

Well good for you, aren’t you the clever one.

Basher, like others from the race relations industry, have done nothing to change this country’s still questionable position and attitude towards people they regard as ‘Other.’

However, they certainly have done well out of it – you know Basher’s part of the NBC staff now.

Diane Abbott is refreshingly honest about everything, which is why she never progressed in the same way as say another left winger had during Tony Blair.

When I asked Diane why she hadn’t compromised a little like that person in question, she told me ‘I can sleep easy at night’.

When Tony Blair took this country to war against Iraq, that particular person resigned, despite all the compliments they were getting regarding the importance of their work.

Diane Abbott is not racist and she certainly wasn’t saying all ‘white’ people are either, however ask anyone of another colour and they will tell that they have suffered from divide and rule at some stage, as well as other things like projection, just to teach them a lesson for thinking they are special.

I wish it wasn’t true, but it is.

If we are going to trust politicians ever in this country, then they need to be allowed to be human beings, which also means cutting them some slack, otherwise we will always end up with robots like Tony Blair and David Cameron.