Somalia, hit by drought and a bloody power struggle between Islamists and a very unpopular and corrupt Mogadishu government, has seen perhaps its worse day so far with the killing of many by American and Kenyan air strikes.

What exactly America is doing bombing this defenceless country, no one really knows.

Drone srikes have been going on for ever, though someone seems to have found a way of bringing down the flying death machines recently.

Today’s Economist reports that as well as the strikes there are American and French boots – what did Africa ever do to Paris? – on the ground as well.

This will not end well – Tripoli is already a mess, and with south Sudan imploding months after independence – and there is even serious talk of intervention in Syria.

When the America deployed their rangers into Mogadishu in 1993, eighteen were killed and over thousand injured, with the bodies of American soldiers being dragged through the capital.

All this had happened after a number of Pakistani soldiers who were part of the peace mission had been skinned alive.

For tiny Somalia, like Afghanistan, Iraq and Vietnam before her, has never accepted or appreciated outside interference in her internal affairs.