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ANALYSIS – If a recent rally is to be believed, the former cricketer Imran Khan is emerging as a serious challenger on the Pakistani political scene.

During an interview with ITV News last night,  Imran Khan said the current president Asif Ali Zardari was completely discredited and that his own appeal was among the young.

He was not concerned about his own safety, given the bloody nature of Pakistani politics – he was prepared to make any sacrifice to save his country.

The camera shots from the point of view of the reporter – Mark Austin – revealed a very agitated Imran.

There are clearly things he wanted to say and do, once he gets his chance.

Trouble is, Pakistan has had too many saviours, Zardari was also one such figure.

What this still young nation needs is someone  who will spread the wealth evenly to the rest of the population, so that everyone gets the chance – like Imran himself – to shine.