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You watch my back..

Those who are wondering how our country could one day pan out, may want to take a look at a £6.5 billion court case currently being played out in a London court between two extremely wealthy Russian businessmen, both of whom profitted from the collapse of the Soviet Union. The men at the centre of this saga are living comfortably here in London, though one has his clean-cut football owner image tarnised somewhat by revelations in court that he paid protection money during the aluminium wars, when it is reported someone was killed every three days. The other is wanted by questioning by Russia – in particular by one Vladimir Putin – for being one of a number of businessmen responsible for walking out of Moscow with a huge portion of the nation’s wealth.

Things may not have been that grand under Communism, but after the fall of the evil empire,  it was literally each man for himself in the ‘Wild West’ – those were the words used in court – that followed.

The ‘new’ money that men such as Roman Abramovich and Boris Berezovsky have brought with them may yet come at a price.