Hamid Karzai says his country has chosen India to restore the peace. He says the decision was based on India’s ecomony and the freedom of it’s people.

With the Americans clearly preparing for an exit after ten fruitless years, Afghanistan’s president is throwing his lot behind New Delhi in a way that reminds one of President Najibullah.

Then, the Russian-backed dictator remained in power whilst rival gangs fought over control of Kabul.

Finally. the Taliban hanged him. He had fled to the UN for safety.

Karzai has presided over a thoroughly corrupt administration, which has lost high profile figures in a number of spectacular attacks recently.

When America refers to the Indian army, it reminds one of the way that the British talked up the French in the run up to the Second World War.

Germany overcame them in a blitzkreig.

One thing is certain aboutall this, with the Americans drawing down their troop numbers, who ever decides to takeover or assist her in the ‘new’ Afghanistan is inheriting a poisoned chalice.