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Our kids are fighting like insurgents in Afghanistan or Iraq – small groups that cause maximum damage before vanishing into the background.

At the time of writing, a number of cities have seen looting and some robbery not enough to call riot but more accurately disorder.

The police – who have long known that there is something wrong with our children – have been extremely professional, though there is a youtube posting of one police man attacking someone in the dark that suggests otherwise, which compliments media reports of violence perpretrated by some youngsters and by some who are not.

Having said that, the police have ignored all the incredibly ignorant and unhelpful advice urging them to use tear gas, water cannon – they are not the Israeli army in the occupied territories you know and nothing like the heavies deployed by Iran, Syria, Bharain, Yemen and elsewhere.

Michael Gove – who has moved on from attacking Muslims to youngters – would probably have some of the rioters  lynched.

None of this helps – the police are only putting a plaster on a problem that is frankly heartbreaking, this is what neglect creates, this is what happens when you live in a very selfish culture, one that was made worse by Thatcher and one which was not tackled by New Labour.

Our kids feel they are in a war, they don’t feel part of this thing called society where they are told they are useless by people who are frankly jealous of their youth.

And the target of their frustrations are the buildings which they see everyday and which do nothing to contribute in fostering anything like a healthy community.

If the student protests did indeed inspire the Arab revolt, what will the poor of the world make the actions of our kids?