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Another son of Colonel Gaddafi has been killed in a Nato airstrike.

This campaign has killed hundreds of people – as well two of Gaddafi’s sons, and two of his grandchildren, not to mention the loss of his adopted daughter to a previous western bombing campaign.

Nato’s allies have killed their own military commander in a squabble.

Imagine what would happen if this rag tag army got its hands on Tripoli.

Libya is openly being called a mistake by members of the Nato alliance who are saying that they will get it right in Syria.

Language like this was by George Bush’s regime in the run up to the war in Iraq.

They had made mistakes in Afghanistan but were going to get it right in Iraq.

And then there are the undeclared drone wars in Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen.

Is it not time to start using the words ‘military overstretch’?

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