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There have been demonstrations in Israel against the economic policies of their leaders.

The protests have been covered by Russia Today as a missed opportunity because no else has bothered to report on them.

Sadly, these mass gatherings are nothing like those that continue to appear through out the Middle East, in fact they clearly show everything that is wrong about those who are now the citizens of Israel.

The largest demonstration in Israeli history was that organised by Peace Now, immediately after the massacres of the Palestinians in the camps of Sabra and Shatila.

Then, the Israeli authorities responded by holding a show hearing called the Kahn Commission, where the furture Prime Minister who had been squarely blamed for the mass murders, Ariel Sharon appeared.  After the collapse of the Soviet Union there was an increase in immigration so that Russian Jews who believed in the divine mission of Israel became the dominant voices.

There still are Peace Now activists around but they have been pushed aside by those who say Israel is fighting its second war of Independence.

Those voices are extremely selfish, which is sadly something that is not restricted to the land of Israel.

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